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Plain of TowersThe Plain of Towers is a region in in central Hârn rich in the remnants of early Hârnic cultures. The Plain is named for the large mortared cairns or standing stones, some more than 30 feet tall, that mark the ancient barrows of the Jarin people. Items of great monetary, scholarly, and aesthetic value have been stolen from these graves; most are of Jarin origin but some were crafted by the Sindarin or Khuzdul. The Plain is within the range of the Chelni tribes and dotted with their burial sites.

The region's most prominent feature is Elkall-Anuz, the ruined city that was once the center of the empire of Lothrim the Foulspawner, the despot who ruled much of central Hârn from 110 to 120 TR. In addition to the ruins of Lothrim's city and gargun (Hârnic orc) complexes, the site includes one of best-preserved structures left by the Earthmasters, Hârn's earliest inhabitants, about which little is known. The Chelni generally avoid these ruins and are suspicious of any who show an interest in them.  Read more...

Atlas MapAtlas Hârnica map I6 covers part of central Hârn and includes the Chelna Gap, Plain of Towers, and northern Shava Forest.

The wooded plain of the Chelna Gap is crossed by the Salt Route, the main land corridor between eastern and western Hârn. A trading post known as Trobridge Inn lies at the western end of the gap. The region is the home of the generally hostile Chelni barbarian tribes.

The Plain of Towers was once home to some of Hârn's earliest inhabitants and is now within the range of the Chelni. The Plain is known for the many barrow mounds where the Jarin and Chelni buried their dead for centuries. Many ruins dot the Plain, chief among them Elkall-Anuz, the capital of Lothrim the Foulspawner, the despot who ruled much of central Hârn from 110 to 120 TR. Elkall-Anuz contains one of best-preserved structures left by the mysterious Earthmasters, Hârn's earliest inhabitants. Read more...


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